December 23, 2013

my birthday x christmas list '13


It is indeed that time of the year already..... CHRISTMAS 2013! 
This year has really just gone by so quickly for me.... what about you?!

Anywho! I was doing some last minute gift wrapping and online browsing last night of all the things I would love for Christmas and would maybe buy with my birthday money this year... so I decided I would share these items with you guys! 

I am a big fan of cookbooks and food photography and this book...... there has already been three occasions now where I deliberately walk into Dymocks in the city just so I can read and flick through the book. I love the layout of the book, the photography is breath-taking and the recipes!!!!!! 

(picture: Donna Hay)

I admire Donna Hay so much for the amazing food author and stylist she is and omg this is definitely hands down my favourite cookbook out of her collection! 

 number two. The Fossil 'Cecile' watch

(picture: Fossil)

Long story short, my parents wanted to buy me a watch as my birthday/Christmas gift and I've always loved the Fossil designs! Although my watch is actually a stainless steel silver one the facing and crystal 'crusting' of this white one is the same design! I love it so much and I can't wait to wear it on Christmas day :3 

number three. Daily diary/journal/planner 2014 - Petit a Petit


(pictures: scissorpaperstone eBay)

For what seems like years now I've been using the kikki. K. diaries yearly however this year I found another one on eBay that immediately caught my eye and I fell in love with it!! It is the Petit a Petit diary, it comes in such a wide range of colours and two excellent sizes! My sister agreed to buy it for me because she knows France is one of my favourite countries in the world and I may have subtly hinted to her that I wanted it ;-) I'm so excited to use it in 2014!! 

number four. summer dresses

( pictures:1.ASOS CURVE black swing dress w/ floral detail 2.DP Fan Playsuit

3.A&Y heart skater dress 4. DP Red floral dress 
5. A&Y swing dress in spot 6. NL Inspire daisy lace dress 7. ASOS Curve dress in bird print 
8. NL Inspire black floral tea dress )

Usually in summer I love wearing shorts, tshirts and a pair of vans or converse shoes but this year I've started to like the idea of wearing summer dresses too! There are heaps of plus size dresses on ASOS, NEW LOOK INSPIRE AND DOROTHY PERKINS ^.^ and these are my favourite picks!! Aside from no. 7 (already ordered it) I'm pretty excited to get my birthday money and buy myself some more summer frocks :3 

number five. wall art/furniture

Last but not least.. for the past year I have been slowly getting new furniture for my room!! starting with my bed :') and I've been searching around on the interwebs for some cute accessories to try and 'complete' it! 

(pictures: 'la ville de l'amour' TYPO canvas , UO Elephant bookends , UO love bunnies ring holder , UO Helping hands jewellery dish , UO Metal 'candle' holder , IKEA Expedit shelving unit )

So.. there you have it! These are my top 5 important things I want this Christmas/ for my birthday! Let me know whats on the top of your wish list in the comments below! 

December 21, 2013

check - in december 2013

Hello everybody!

How has your week been? my week has not been the best and unfortunately  my uncle passed away. Definitely my least favourite moment of 2013 but I believe he is now at peace and is safe with God in heaven. RIP uncle B. 

In more recent events I got my uni results back - biggest sigh of relief ever!!! and have been working hard on bringing you those promised daily vlogs, beauty tutorials and cooking blog posts! I'm pleased to announce that the 'launch' or start of this will commence in the new year 2014 so watch out ;-) 

I've also got another exciting project coming up and I can't wait to share it with you guys soon!! (shhhh its still a secret) 

I will now end this update with a quote from Psalm 102:

picture: Leonardo (weheartit: Preteritos)

Have a great weekend every1!!


December 13, 2013

tiger tiger coffee bar


apologies for my long hiatus yet again.. since my uni studies for year ended I was still really busy with work and family life and I haven't time to update my blog :-(

anywho! today me and my cousin had initial plans to start getting back into squash.. however we got into the city at 10am.. and it was like 38 degrees - we were melting so we skipped and brunch seemed like a better option hahaha so we walked around the city running some errands and we decided to go visit a cafe we hadn't yet dined at before! Introducing - Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar.

Food: Avocado & poached eggs on sourdough and baked egg with tomato ragu, chorizo and sourdough bread

Tiger Tiger is located on Murray St (inside the laneway next to Wolfe Lane) serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. On most days they are open from 7 am - 5 pm except for Friday nights where they close @ midnight! 

This was my first time going to Tiger Tiger because I would normally dine at the Secret Garden Cafe however we tried TT because the breakfast menu ran til 11:30am. The food in my opinion was average, I would say it was bad but its not the best. however my baked egg dish had heaps of chorizo in it!! (already satisfied at that point tbh) but we did notice that eggs were quite small.. a little sad. Overall I liked the old and laidback nature of the cafe and the dish was both tasty & filling!

Tiger, Tiger Coffee Bar on Urbanspoon

thanks for reading and have a fantastic weekend everyone and to all my Perthians - stay cool.


photography courtesy of myself and the logo is from tiger tiger

November 8, 2013

Matilda Bay Restaurant & Bar


On the 23rd of October, my little sister Gabby graduated from High School! We attended the ceremony and afterwards headed to the beautiful Matilda Bay Restaurant & Bar located on the along the swan river in Crawley/Nedlands. 

Food: Seafood risotto, Cone bay barramundi, Harissa spiced snapper, Creamy mashed potatoes, Fried potatoes, rosemary and garlic salt, Venison cutlets and Pork loin.

[we ordered a lot more food - entrees and drinks but unfortunately i wasn't able to photograph those]

Open seven days a week, for lunch and dinner 11am - late.

Matilda Bay is located right on the water front of the beautiful Swan River and adjacent from the Perth City. Stunning views and fine dining food that tastes superb. My family all thoroughly enjoyed their meals, the only slightly disappointing thing I would note is the service. The team were at times very accommodating but also quite confused and 'flustered'. Overall had a lovely dinner.

Matilda Bay Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

I hope everyone enjoyed my review and I look forward to posting more regularly and starting new exciting things in the future!

lots of love 


photography courtesy of myself (special thanks to Nyan for borrowing me his amazing camera - FUJIX100)

..... hello ( ´∀`)☆

hi everybody 

so..... its been a while.

I have been very overwhelmed with parts of my life that at this point in time need to be taken care of. I haven't felt like myself for a long time and I have really being trying to take care of me.

anyways! Update on my life?

there's thirteen days til my semester two exams start


there's eighty-seven days til I head off to NYC // VEGAS *_*

what about you? leave me comments below telling me what you've been up to! 

lots of love, Louie xxxxxxx

p.s. I have an upcoming secret 'project' I will be launching soon so watch this space ;-) 

(along the lines of beauty, healthy cooking and daily vlogs!!)

September 30, 2013

**special monday post** - The Metropolitan Disorder


how was your weekend? or shall I say LONG weekend for all my perth readers????.. uni has been without a doubt very busy/stressful and I don't think it'll be getting any better until DECEMBER! *cries*

Last Friday I visited my high school for my sister's last school art exhibition. She finally showcased her final piece that will be the centre of her portfolio, and this has been a project she has been working on all year. YAY ITS FINALLY FINISHED!!! 

I'm so proud of her, she's a brilliant and creative arty gal and she also won the creative art prize for her class/year. fingers crossed she also wins the subject prize????? :3 

I now proudly introduce "The Metropolitan Disorder" 


 The time pressured nature of the urban world is known to induce loneliness and anonymity and cause detrimental impact on the human psyche. I have embodied this notion in my work through the use of sequential narrative on a series of chalk pastel portraits drawn onto wood with an overlay of engraved cityscape drawings. The transparent acrylic glass allows you to look into the protagonists recollections of untamed visions of the city in correlation with his mental state. These progressively zoomed close ups establish a claustrophobic atmosphere reflective of city life. Inviting you to personally feel involved in his increasingly heightened emotions of anxiety and despair.

The youthful protagonist and panoramic cityscape represents my personal concerns about people of my own generation in association with the ever growing population density of cities. His blazer and collared shirt symbolises how the youth adhere to idealised urban lifestyles only to become displaced and anonymous. The negligence of the individual in dense cities reveals the decay of personal identity that comes with living in the urban world. I’ve expressed this idea through the overlayed panorama of convoluted alleyways and dominating towers, for they enhance the reality that future generations are endangered to losing ultimately who they are as mentally distraught victims of the concrete jungle. This is epitomised by the Caduceus symbol warped into a light pole. Incorporation of common street signs such as the blocked phone symbol conveys the failure of human connection in the urban world. My major influence came from my bus journeys into the city as I’d often contemplate how people move to cities to be involved with more people, but ironically, they feel alone. I’ve manipulated this voyeuristic experience from behind the graffiti riddled bus windows by using engraving tools to emphasise the permanent chaos of city living.”

- Gabriella Loo (2013)

to my bbygurl im so proud of you and your creative art talents! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

September 28, 2013



Apologies for not posting last week and still been late to upload this week! I have been under pressure with uni work and other important events ;-( 

BUT now its uni break (w00!!) and I will be posting once now and again Monday morning so keep an eye out!

This morning I woke up at 10:30 after a glorious sleep-in ◡‿◡✿ 
My sister and mum decided to go out for a walk so I joined them and we went for a walk around Claisebrook Cove in East Perth, along the way we decided to get a cheeky Brunch meal at one of the lovely cafes along the river - Toast.


Food: Savoury Crepe w/ grilled cheese, spinach, bacon and avocado, Cajun Chicken Salad w/ tomato salsa, sweet corn, avocado and yoghurt dressing and cheesy scrambled eggs with chives, roasted tomato, rye bread and extra bacon! 

Toast East Perth is located in the heart of Claisebrook Cove next to neighbouring cafes like The Partisan and Korean BBQ Shila.

They are open every day of the week from, 7am - 7pm.

The food was satisfying and servings were good for a brunch! My mum and sister enjoyed their meals thoroughly too. The bonus was the amazing view from the outdoor seating, and great Spring weather this morning :-)

One thing I like in particular at Toast is definitely the menus, they have a huge amount of choice - both Food and Drinks on separate A3 size menus double sided! 

Toast on Urbanspoon

 I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and to all my perth readers enjoy the extended Monday break!! 


photography courtesy of myself and logo from Toast

p.s. see you all on monday for an extra post ;-) 

September 14, 2013

friday the 13th ~*~*


this week, I didn't go to any new spots ;-(
however!! I went to the Generics Accessories SS13/14 Launch last night with my cousin @ sprinklingofspice we met the beloved Alistair Yap, took photos of the two live window models and had sneak peaks at all the jewellery and clothing on display!

Later on in the night we decided to hop out and get a late night dessert! Drove to Mt Lawley and went to Clarences!! I had a chocolate beetroot brownie that was omg t-d-f, alongside I had a their house recipe warm cider. Indeed a very impressive warm drink for a cold night! It had a very strong infused cinnamon flavour that rose from the top of the drink and it was just delicious :-)

I'm so sorry.. no pictures were taken from my end.
I'll let you know when SOS updates her blog for some spectacular pictures of the event and maybe the food too?? :3 

I hope everyone has a fab weekend, i'm indoors studying today sadly.


p.s. what's your favourite designs from the NYC Fashion Week? PFF? Let me know X

September 10, 2013

World Suicide Prevention Day 2013

Hello all

Today i'd like to make a special mid-week post, to address a topic that speaks to me as a very not only personal but important issue.

Depression & Suicide.

Its something I feel that is not talked about enough. Some may say its a act that its selfish, bitter and self-loathing and others who will just settle and say i've tried and thats it - I give up. 

No matter how small, big, long or short you've been feeling depressed, suicidal or just in general sad and lonely its a problem. The negative mind set and the bad thoughts will eventually get to you and you'll become frustrated and angry and things start happening and you'll feel irrational and helpless. It might sound cliche but honestly, your not alone. Get help; from your friends, family or doctor. If you don't feel comfortable telling those around you, resort to writing it down in a diary and letting out your feelings. Please just try? Because even if you don't feel it at all there are people who care (and if your like me that is one of the hardest things to deal with, because you even know they care but you still dont feel like your cared about and its a constant battle but please know there are people who feel the same way as you and if you don't have anyone to turn to, contact me because you are not alone).

Everyone has different issues, reasons and lives that make them who they are, but what we all have in common is the ability to think that no suicide won't solve my unhappiness, it won't make my surroundings better and I won't be living to my full potential. So please. I know there are times when you feel so helpless and that you've tried all.. XYZ avenues and forms of help to try and make things better and nothing happens. BUT IT WILL GET BETTER. STICK IT OUT. EVEN IF YOU RELAPSE. EVEN IF YOU CAN'T STOP THE BAD HABITS. EVEN IF THINGS DON'T CHANGE YEARS LATER. BECAUSE GUESS WHAT?


I hope everyone has been having a great week so far and i'll be updating again on friday! 

National helplines you can call in AUSTRALIA
SANE Australia Tel. 1800 18 SANE (7263)
Lifeline Tel. 13 11 14
Kids Helpline (for all U18) Tel. 1800 55 1800

September 6, 2013

Love Thy Neighbour


This morning I finally got to visit LTN! Tucked away at the back of the William St Arcade and next door neighbours to Superstar Waffles.

Love Thy Neighbour, one of the more quieter cafes in Northbridge with great coffee, breakfast and friendly service! Me and two friends dined and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals.

Food: Ham, Cheese & Tomato Jaffle, Bacon & Egg Sambo and a F.A.T. (Fetta, Avocado & Tomato on sourdough bread)

Drink: Long Macchiato

Love Thy Neighbour is located at the end of the William Street Arcade - near Ezra's Pound and Superstar Waffles.

They are open Monday through to Friday, 7am - 4pm.

The food was great, I really enjoyed my jaffle and Helen loved her F.A.T. she raved that the bread is definitely one of the best in Perth! Jess also enjoyed her sambo and overall our brunch @ LTN was very satisfying. 

I particularly like the set up and furnishings of LTN, the wood tables and chairs are different to most cafes. Its a lot more comfortable as well. They also have freshly prepared sweet goods up near the counter daily.

Love Thy Neighbour on Urbanspoon

I hope everyone has had a splendid evening and have a great weekend :-) XXXXXXX

photography courtesy of NOMA and myself

August 31, 2013

goodbye winter 13

hey everybody!

How's your last week of winter *cries* been? 
This week I've been busy with uni assignments, exercising and getting my diet on track (about 15% there..) and trying to save money for my trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - read below for more info ;-)

I love winter, although its messy because of the rain.. I much prefer it over summer! I love layering, putting on my jacket/aa hoodie and a snood. The sun is just too hot for me and I hate how dark I end up getting my feb/march... no spf is good enough in Perth :'(

now for more information about trip.. 

 Yesterday I arranged the final touch ups to my booking and things are now official and paid for 
*balloons, streams* *jumps up and down*
honestly this trip started off as just a casual oh lol.. lets just see how much it would be to NYC on expedia.. I see the price and i'm thinking thats quite a good deal.. ? Sat down with my parents, asked around to some of my mates and eventually after a bit of searching I found the perfect person to go with! I'm very excited... sadly my budget cuts include not eating out very frequently but!! more incentives to make healthy food at home and post up more recipes.. yeah?? WIN WIN WIN.

Hope everyone has a swell weekend and adios amigos!


p.s. last saturday afternoon @ claremont quarter with my sister for Pippa McManus' SS 13 art workshop series.

lol @ my drawing/painting.. I haven't done any art since primary school! 

August 26, 2013

CNR Kitchen


my apologies for the absence on my blog.. 

A few weeks ago, Silvia and I went out on a Sunday to do some studying at the library. Before we began we decided to get breakfast @ CNR Kitchen.

Food: Veg Mex and CNR Mexican Brekkie

Drinks: Cappuccino and Long Mac

CNR is located underneath the Northbridge Piazza on James Street. 

They are open for breakfast and lunch daily and dinner is also served on friday nights. 

The food was good and the service is always very friendly but honestly.... this place used to be in my top 8 in Perth. After this visit i'm thinking I need to re-evaluate my choice. 

For starters their long mac was the worst I've ever had. I don't know what happened.. but all I know is that it tasted so weird and bitter even if was topped up it was just no, a horrible coffee. Your not allowed to make any substitutions - you can't even request for poached instead of fried. 

For a cheaper cafe where breakfast was maybe $15 pp that would be understandable, but we both paid roughly $25 each for a plate and coffee.. I don't understand how they can't let the customers even change the style of eggs.. The excuse of a busy or quality service is purely unacceptable tbh.

CNR Kitchen (cnr James + Lake) on Urbanspoon

alright.. heading off now for my first class of the week. Talk to y'all soon XXXXXXX

P.S. Quite recently I encountered an issue with one of my photos from my Gordon St Garage post. I had uploaded this picture onto Urbanspoon as well. An instagram user decided to take my photo and upload it to their account. The user did not state that they had taken the photo from GSGs Urbanspoon and essentially they made it look like they had taken the photograph. 

I want to let all my viewers and visitors to understand that I have a copyright against my blog. Please if you would like to take any of my content in particular photos, at least credit/link my blog source underneath the picture or at the end of your post.

It is a serious offence to claim somebody else's content. For any further information visit my copyright page or contact me @

August 23, 2013



Long time no see! I'm so sorry... These past few weeks have been hectic to say the least. The start of uni was a lot harder than I expected it to be, working more shifts this semester and planning my holiday to go visit my family in Las Vegas - suprisingly enough its a lot harder than I had imagined it to be.

Tomorrow I'm taking my little sister to Pippa McManus' Spring/Summer Art Workshop at Claremont Quarter. I'm beyond excited as we are both massive Pippa fans!! Hopefully I'll be posting tomorrow night! 

I hope you guys have had an awesome week and wooooo tGiF~

talk soon XXXXXX

August 5, 2013

weekend visuals

Hey everyone!

so.. I finally got around to sorting out some of my blog and uni stuff. From now on posts will come out every friday! My funds are running a little low these days so don't know how frequent i'll be going out but if its not a food review.. i'll post also about any online purchases I may have received, food recipes (I start my paleo diet come Monday) and my make up products.

This weekend I caught up with school friends, watched a movie (The Bling Ring) and did some cheeky make up shopping!  

lunch @ Uncle Joe's Mess Hall
afternoon tea @ Theobroma's Chocolate Lounge
Eyeko London & Smashbox eyeliners from KIT cosmetics
The Bling Ring directed by Sofia Coppola. Starring Emma Watson and Leslie Mann and based of real events. Me and Alex went to go see this at the local Luna Leederville cinemas! The movie was good and I'd say the imdb rating was about right. If you haven't seen it yet and you've been wanting to go, defs watch it! :-)
saturday night supper @ Foam Coffee Bar 

I had a fun weekend, except for sunday.. overslept a bit and started feeling very lethargic. Its now Monday and hopefully with a bit of help from my nespresso machine I'll get back into gear and be ready to start the new semester at uni!! ;-)

hope y'all have a great week

photography courtesy of film-social and myself