March 24, 2013

Saturday Night Fun!

Hi All,

As you know tonight I went to the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival and saw Happiness Never Comes Alone. My expectations were average for the film after seeing the rating given on IMDB... now that movie deserved more than the 6.2/10 Im my opinion it was an 8/10.

I loved the film it was funny, cute and romantic and Sophie Marceau never disappoints me :') 

Before the film me and my cousin had Dinner at Bivouac Canteen and Bar located on William St! (I know I mentioned in the post before that I'd be dining at Olivers but last minute changes and decisions we ended up at B!!) 

The menu was changed to suit Autumn/Winter and so we ordered the haloumi and watermelon salad to share as well as two mains - Pan Fried Gnocchi and Crispy Pork Belly! The food was AMAZING, I have never been so full in my life though! Would've loved to have dessert too but yeah... my stomach wasn't really going to let that happen. Its the fourth time I've visited Bivouac and I definitely recommend it to anybody who's thinking whether or not its worth it. 

Grilled haloumi, watermelon, green olive, pistachio, mint and grape molasses dressing.

crispy skin linley valley pork belly, green beans, smoky eggplant purèe, quince and walnut crumble.
pan-fried gnocchi, beetroot, ibérico, goat curd, hazlenuts, currants
and swiss chard.

The courses from Bivouac Canteen and Bar and photography courtesy of my cousin @ sprinklingofspice / instagram: sprinklespice

for more info about Bivouac checkout their website @ bivouac

like their fb page @ /Bivouac-Canteen-Bar

hope you all had a fabulous saturday xxxxxx

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March 23, 2013

alliance francaise french film festival 13

This year i'm viewing three of the many french films at the alliance francaise festival this year! 

To kick - off the festivities is Happiness Never Comes Alone at the Luna Paradiso in Northbridge. 

The movie features one of my favourite french actresses - Sophie Marceau and in the romance/comedy genre I have no doubt its going to be a good one!!

I wont give too much away and i'll come back and do a review after tonight's viewing of the film as well as a review on the restaurant - Oliver's on James. Having dinner there for the first time tonight and I'm excited!! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend xxxxx

March 18, 2013

Sunday dinner with family ♡

I just had to blog about this because I had such a good time and the food was amazing! 
My cousin and her husband invited me and a couple of other relatives over for dinner. She had made Chilli Crabs, Lamb Shanks and Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Liv cooked the best chilli crabs i've ever had. They were real spicy and even though my mouth was on fire I couldn't resist eating the sauce!! They crabs were caught from Perth's Swan River and after a bit of bashing before cooking these babies we didn't even need shell crackers to get the meat out of the arms and legs afterwards. Bottom line - extremely meaty and tasty!! 

Liv also decided to cook Lamb Shanks and for anybody that knows me really well I LOVE LAMB. Sadly at home we usually only eat beef or chicken so I just salivate and get really excited every time I get the chance to eat it! The recipe was courtesy of Jamie Oliver and the Shanks were slow cooked, meat falling off the bone and the rich spiced sauce left me licking the plate til it was clean! 

To finish off the amazing dinner she made delectable Red Velvet cupcakes! They were the best Red Velvet cupcakes I've ever tasted, topped off with classic cream cheese frosting. Definitely a sweet ending to a beautiful night! 

Thanks Dan and Olivia for hosting 

CHILLI CRABS w/ spicy curry sauce
LAMB SHANKS w/carrots and mash potato

RED VELVET CUPCAKES  w/ a cream cheese frosting

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March 15, 2013

you can do it!

Hey guys! 

I just want to tell you a bit about 'my story'

Over the years ever since I was little I went to the hospital every year mainly because of my obesity and the doctors have tried to help me in various ways to reduce my size. It didn't work. I saw a dietitian, I went to the fitness program for kids and I even competed in triathlons throughout my primary school years. I was also doing swimming lessons and I swam in squads for two - three years. 

No matter what I did nothing help me and I was always 'fat Alex'

I'm now 18 years old and for my entire life since I was little I have always been larger for my age.

For almost one and a half years now I joined a gym, learnt a lot of about eating healthy and the right way to lose weight and be fit. I was always under the impression since I was a child that I needed to be on a diet and do tons of exercise to be smaller but thats not the case. I hate the word 'diet' and I try very hard to never use or think about it. 

Becoming fit and losing weight to a size where you yourself are happy with how you look and feel is a lifestyle change. Its a permanent change to your life and the way you live and feel. 

Even though I have been going to gym and personal training classes for over a year now I still have a long way to go before I reach even my first goal..

Hitting set backs will always be a part of the journey and as long as your still progressing no matter how slow be happy with yourself and one day you too will be the inspiration for the next person wanting to become fit and healthy.


have a great weekend and TGIF xxxxxxxx

ps. sorry to sound so corny with the end line lol

March 14, 2013


Hi everybody! 

I didn't have a blogspot yet so I decided I'd create one.

There's not really any specific theme so it'll just be about the different things I do in my daily life but mainly surrounding food and the occasional online purchase ;) 

Anyways this is it! 
Enjoy and feel free to comment below and say hello xxxxxxxx

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