June 30, 2013

Gordon St Garage

Hi All!!

Apologies for the late posting, I ended running out of time yesterday to finish cleaning my room and blogging! 

Now on to the post.. On Friday I met up with Silvia (The Forest Elf)for a day of shopping and chilling out! We decided to try a new place for breakfast and went to one of my new favourite places in Perth. Gordon Street Garage - Coffee bar & kitchen.

Located in the middle of Wellington & Murray Street and just across the road from Harbour Town, it has definitely become one of the more popular eat out places in Perth! 

Along with the unique and well designed decor and layout, friendly staff, great food and ideal location. They're open everyday of the week, for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 7 in the morning til late at night! Prices are a little on the steep side but its worthwhile and the coffee is great (in my opinion).

Silvia decided to get the house smoked salmon w/ english spinach, zucchini & potato hash brown, poached eggs topped off with béarnaise sauce (it was yummy but a little too salty for her liking!).

I felt like trying everything on the menu (sadly that wasn't going to happen).. so I opted for the yummy house pancakes! With bitter chocolate, honeycomb and hazelnut praline. Stacked 3 pancakes high, I enjoyed my meal w/ a devine long macchiato (although.. I might not order the pancakes next time.. they felt a little on the rubbery side for me sorry GSG).

Overall me and Silvia loved GSGs   

Photography courtesy of Foolscap StudioSilvia and myself!

for more information about Gordon St Garage visit their website @ gsgarage
Gordon St Garage on Urbanspoon

Hope you all have a great Sunday evening and ready to start the new week, talk soon! xxxxxxxxx

June 29, 2013



 This week is the first of about five/six weeks on my uni semester break! It has been quite a busy and tiring week!! Jumbling between work, gym, arranging dates to see friends, cleaning and refurbishing part of my bedroom.... not to mention my great plans to cook next week, make invites for food parties and refrain myself from spending too much money at all these early bird sales in the city/online! 

Yesterday I met up w/ one of my BFFs Silvia aka The Forest Elf ! We ate a lot, shopped a fair bit and overall we had a great time out and about today in the Perth City area and Northbridge. 

I bought a few necessities as well as some impulse buys along the way! Including KIT cosmetics, Peter Alexander, Sportsgirl and T2.

SGs holographic stars and lilac w/ holographic speckles
both 8.95 each.

These two amazing blends have are still full-price but are so worth it, I love the holographic stars and lilac is one of my favourite colours. 
Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure (limited edition)
In the shade "Carnival Couture".

Purchased at KIT cosmetics in Myer, thank you to the sales assistant who pre-released this amazing creation to me and Silvy ahead of the Monday opening day for all Colourfoil kits!! 
Simple long back muscle tee (in light grey) and 2 Peter Alexander cosmetic bags.
Muscle tee reduced to 14.00 and the cosmetic bag 3.50 each (amazing bargain and great quality!). With the extra 30% off sale storewide, I HAD TO GET BOTH COLOURS!!

Last but definitely not least.. T2 loose leaf teas!!
Green Rose & Pumping Pomegranate.

I love my tea and for a while I've been wanting to purchase Green Rose, its one of my favourite green tea blends. The rose flavour through the green tea is not too overpowering and taste absolutely brilliant! (especially for those cold and chilly winter Saturday nights watching rom coms and blogging).

To find out more information about all the places where I shopped y'day please refer to the links underneath each photo ! 

Overall I was extremely happy with my purchases and I can't wait to open my COLOURFOIL KIT :3

I hope you all enjoyed reading through my mini reviews and photos, have a great weekend and good night for me!!!

PS. I'll be back tomorrow with a review from breakfast @ Gordon Street Garage, so please STAY TUNED!!!! 

June 25, 2013

winter/holiday cleaning


(´・ω・ `)
for years now.. I have been sleeping on a king single, that has broken springs, the base is split in the middle.. and theres a metal rod of some kind from one of the springs that is sticking out on the left side that constantly jabs me every time I turn over to that side of the bed..
now.. finally after TWO AND A HALF YEARS of complaining, whinging and nagging to my parents (I've even gone to bed showrooms during that time but they never bought me a bed because the price was either too high or they weren't satisfied with my choice or they just didn't feel like getting me a new one). 



I'm beyond excited to get the my ikea delivery in the mail.. okay now I know that most people would say Ikea looks really pretty but the quality is quite the opposite but I decided to give it ago, I've got reassurance from the staff that it will be absolutely durable and if i'm not happy I can take it back! 
Still in the process of cleaning out old drawers and sorting out all kinds of bits and pieces. Some for donation, some for the bin and some for my memory box (yes I'm quite the horder, I keep all my cinema tickets, concert tickets, birthday cards and wrapping paper). Sadly.. didn't quite get them to buy me the bedside tables, new dresser and textiles.. but I shall buy them myself soon once I save up enough money from my uni break shifts! 

I'll keep y'all updated w/ my room and i'll be take pictures along the way as I go, from dusty, unorganised and plain messy to some what coordinated, organised and clean!

thank you for reading and hope your monday wasn't too bad! 

June 24, 2013

iHerb order


YAY!!! I'm finally exam free and on official semester break :)
I hope you all have had a splendid weekend are getting ready to start the new week fresh and energetic!!! Onto my blog post... 

After months of procrastination and just adding stuff to my cart (but never purchasing)- I decided to finally make my first iHerb order. There were so many things I wanted to buy including Hurraw! lip balms, Peanut Butter & Co. & Justin's Almond Butter!

I managed to get 15 items with  DHL express international shipping for $83.56 !! 

I'm so excited to receive all my products I ordered and do a full review and hopefully make my first blog/youtube video.

Videos are something i've tried to do in the past and tbh i've just never plucked up enough courage to actually upload them and give it ago so this will another step for me...

In the mean time.. if you would like to order from iHerb and receive a $10 first order discount please you use my referral code below!


or click this link

Really recommend everybody to go visit iHerb! They've got an amazing range of products, in particular health specialty goods and there's bound to be something you love! The shipping rates are really low as well as the prices of the products and with a $10 introductory discount offer what's not to love?? 

for more information about iHerb visit their official site

like their fb page @ iHerb
follow them on twitter @ iHerb
follow them on instagram @ iherbinc

Hope everybody has a great week and to all those still studying for those gruelling exams.. GOOD LUCK YOU'LL GET THROUGH THIS! 

June 21, 2013




I've got lots of exciting things planned for my break. Including a food project my blog, a brand ambassador program and just usual shifts of work for my parents asian supermarket! 


(PHOTOCREDIT TO GOOGLE - its my favourite logo they've designed!) 

June 19, 2013

1000 Inspirations

Hi All ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

just wanted to say a quick thank you everyone. I started this blog after years and years of just looking at other people and not having enough courage to begin my own. I woke up this morning and saw my blog had reached 1000 views + and I know this is a small achievement, but thank you everyone!

As you'll all know I changed my theme, and if you peer and scroll down to the bottom right corner is my inspiration links! 

Please go have a look at them all! They are mixed fashion/food blogs and websites. In one way or another they have all inspired me to start my blog and give it a go! 

However what started my passion for not only blogging and looking at blogs but taking an interest in the fashion world in general and french music/films is The Cherry Blossom Girl (also known as Alix). She's someone that I would love to one day meet and get to know. I love her blog, and many I discovered so many amazing things and its because of her! Alix merci beaucoup 

I know how cliche this may sound but its people like Alix and my friends & family that keep me inspired to keep going and achieve my goals and aspirations in life.

I hope in the future to pick things up and start cooking projects, more food reviews and show you more about my everyday life.. maybe one day a youtube channel with daily vlogs! 

hehe alright, I think i'll say good bye now and continue studying.. two left!! (business law & information systems) 

(photo credit: robertjrgraham)
keep dreaming guys and never give up 

June 18, 2013

Toastface Grillah

Hi Everyone!! 

Currently mid-way of my exams - two down and two to go!!
Needless to say, I'm very excited for my holidays to start. 

On to the review..... today after my exam I decided to grab a bite to eat before heading back home!

Me and E weren't sure where to eat but neither of us had tried Toastface Grillah and we'd always wanted to try!

Located in Grand Theatre Laneway (if your coming from murray street, its in the laneway next to the typo pop up store.)

Toastface Grillah - Grand Lane, Perth 

 A 'hidden' cafe lies, with the best grilled cheese sandwiches around town, great atmosphere and friendly service. 

L: Chilli Cheese R: 3 Cheese...
We both tried a cheese classic, E w/ 3 cheeses... (Cheddar, Gruyère and Emmental) and I opted for the Chilli Cheese (Cheddar, Chilli flakes and paprika). The Sandwiches were so yummy and I loved the flavour of the chilli and paprika with the melted cheddar!

At times its quiet and chilled with only a few others around you enjoying the same amazing grilled cheese taste, but it can also be very crowded with the buzz of office workers and other Perth foodies & explorers joining in on the fun! 

The vintage and mix/match furniture adds a quirky and interesting feature to TGs and I'll definitely be returning to try many of the other choices on the TG menu!! 

Photography courtesy of moi

for more information about TGs visit their website @ toastfacegrillah

like their fb page @ ToastfaceGrillah
follow them on instagram @ toastface_grillah
follow them on twitter @ TFgrillah 

Toastface Grillah on Urbanspoon

okay.. now must. go. back. to. study. 
have a great week everybody and I'll see you after exams

June 16, 2013

AntiOx x Sprinkling of Spice

Hey everyone!! 

My cousin @ Sprinkling of Spice

is currently running a competition to win AntiOX Chocolates!

The combination of rich 70% cocoa dark chocolate and super fruits such as açaí and goji, with added benefits of high antioxidants and low sugar and calories! What's not love about it!! 

To enter all you have to do is click on the link above to her blog post and answer the question:

"Why do you want to try the new AntiOX snack bars and chocolate?"

competition entries close on the 28th June

photography courtesy of AntiOx

to find out more about AntiOx chocolates visit their website here

like them on fb @ AntiOx.Products

Good Luck and get answering :3 


June 14, 2013


I didn't really know about this site until I was casually browsing the app store one day and decided to just download it.. 

Posse, recommending "the best places in the world" (not limited to food) its a little similiar to Urbanspoon but needless to say its a lot more appealing.

Run by CEO Rebekah Campbell the relaunch of Posse in Australia has been great and thank you so much Rebekah!!

You start off by creating a 'street' where you add all the food places you've been to on the street, writing small reviews for each one. The more reviews you write the more points you accumulate and the more streets you are allowed to add! Creating your own virtual food world - its really cool!!! 

I love the set up of the site and its very easy to use - definitely recommend all foodies sign up now!

so.. what are you waiting for? 
create an account now!

photography courtesy of mumbrella

for more information about Posse and Rebekah visit their blogs! 

June 12, 2013

new theme


short update - I got a new theme !! 

let me know what you think of it.. I would love to hear any good or bad feedback. 

I'm still studying for exams this week.. the first one is in less than five days *breaksdown and cries* but I do promise that after I finish them blogposts will be up a lot more regularly and I'll be cooking food, visiting places and starting my top secret (lol) project ;3

until then au revoir xxxxxxxxx 

this is my old guinea pig.. his name was Raf. Unforunately I was told to give him back because we werent allowed to keep any males... :( 

June 8, 2013

Hippos Creek

Decided to take a mini 'study break' :3 

Here is a photo from Hippos Creek, went there for a dinner a few months ago but never go around to uploading it..

one of the best meat and wine restaurants in Perth if you ask me! Hippos Creek - South African cuisine, located in three great locations around Perth. Hilary's, Subiaco and Waterford. 

Waterford's Hippo Creek is located just opposite from Curtin University, has great specials/deals every day of the week and they are well worth a try. 

photography by moi

be sure to checkout Hippo's Creek website for more info @ hippocreek.com.au

like their fb page @ /hippocreekgrill
follow them on twitter

okay.. so back to studying now `.-"
have a great weekend and long weekend for all those who live on the east coast!!!! 

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Hey everyone!!! 

This week I was hoping to take photos and videos and make a mini documentary of things I cooked this week which included: 

  • buckwheat pancakes w/ caramelised apples and a toffee sauce
  • crepes w/ salted caramel syrup
  • my new found coffee making skillz (lol im just kidding..........)
was also pretty excited about the a nepalese curry restaurant I went to on Friday night which was surprisingly very tasty.. such a shame both the location and front of the shop looks extremely off putting. 

With that being said I have just been too rushed and had not enough time to do anything because on uni study - exams are in just over a week and to say the least i'm freaking out just a tad..... =.`// 

HOWEVER once exams are over.. I have a little project planned for my blog which I hope will excite everybody and if you are a family/friend of mine be stoked, because it involves me cooking for y'all over this winter break!! Alright I don't want to reveal too much more but there's a little sneak peak ^ hehe

so for all of you having any deadlines soon/exams just like myself good luck guys, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!! 

thank you all for reading and don't forget to follow me on instagram for daily updates. 

June 3, 2013

Greens & co.

Hi everybody (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Its Monday but for WA its a public holiday yay! 
Last night me, my sister and my cousin decided to take a little trip over to the local cafe on Oxford Street "Greens and Co" - with Perth been very chilly and cold these past few days it was just what we needed, a warm coffee and big yummy slices of cake.


Greens and co is definitely a great place to chill and catch up with friends. I particularly like how they've got all kinds of concert, movie and festival posters covering all the walls, comfy couches and and DIY tables with wood planks and milk crates. 

All cakes are priced at 7.50 each and they are well worth the price, personally I would recommend the lime brulee - AMAZING. 
There were so many delicious cakes in the display, we opted for three and a cheeky extra slice to share between the three of us! 

Green plate: Lime Brulee, Blue Plate: Tiramisu,
Blue Plate: Honeycomb Brulee and Purple Plate: Chocolate Marquisse
Overall I like Greens and co and would definitely recommend it!
The warmth, free wifi and furniture makes it a local favourite!

Photography courtesy of myself, gastronomicallychallenged and nileguide

For more information about Greens & Co visit their urbanspoon @ 

Hope you all have a fabulous week 

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June 2, 2013

Clarences Bar & Restaurant

Hi All!!

This weekend, I had a quite relaxed time - studying, sleeping and eating....

Last night me and my sister went to the Astor Theatre to watch San Cisco perform, with opening acts Chaos Chaos and Millions. 

Chaos Chaos are a duo - sisters from Brooklyn, NYC. Asy is the main vocalist and keyboarder whilst Chloe also sings but plays the drums as well. They were very good and particularly loved Chloe's drumming, it was insanely good and Asy vocals when they sang their cover of Closer was brilliant!! 

Chaos Chaos (Asy & Chloe) 

Unfortunately.. that is where the fun ended for both me and my sister, we weren't really feeling the 'vibe' more or less Millions lacked stage presence and the atmosphere felt quite dead... this was carried on to the main performance of the night - San Cisco. So after watching SC play for half hour as a few others around us were leaving we decided to leave the concert as well... really sorry guys. 

After that we felt quite hungry and wanted to go chill at nice warm cafe, walked pass a pub, bar and a few cafes until we finally strolled past Clarences. 

It was quite dark from the outside but peeping in through the windows the decor of the place and the atmosphere really caught my attention so we decided to walk in! 

The Bar and Restaurant is open til midnight and filled with booths along the side of the place and a long table in the middle for larger groups, then extending to the back where the main bar is situated there are more tables and also an outdoor area. 

Clarences was filled with people, it had a nice ambience to it and I was so glad we walked in and sat down. We ordered two drinks, a bowl of chips and a dessert to share between the two of us. It was very good and although the price for the dessert was a bit steep, we enjoyed the food and drinks! 

Below are pictures of the decor and the food/drinks we had!! 

from L to R: Cheeky Rascals Strawberry and Apple Cider,
Baked white chocolate and hazlenut cheesecake, hot chips w/ aioli
and tomato sauce and my sister glass of sparkling.
Overall, I had a good night wish we had reached Clarences a little earlier to try their roast pork belly main but that will now have to be enjoyed another time not too far away.. hopefully! 

Photography courtesy of myself, interviewmagazine and yelp

For more information about Chaos Chaos visit chaoschaosmusic.com

like their fb page @ /chaoschaosofficial

For more information about Clarences visit their site @ clarences.com.au

like their fb page @ /clarences.bar.beaufort
follow them on twitter @ clarencesbar
follow them on instagram @ clarences

hope you guys enjoyed my blog post, feel free to leave any comments or questions and have a great week xxxxxx

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Hey guys!

Just thought I'd keep you updated, went out tonight so the blogpost will hopefully be up tomorrow sometime. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and get ready because June is finally here and I'm also one step closer to my dreaded.. exams!!