November 8, 2013

Matilda Bay Restaurant & Bar


On the 23rd of October, my little sister Gabby graduated from High School! We attended the ceremony and afterwards headed to the beautiful Matilda Bay Restaurant & Bar located on the along the swan river in Crawley/Nedlands. 

Food: Seafood risotto, Cone bay barramundi, Harissa spiced snapper, Creamy mashed potatoes, Fried potatoes, rosemary and garlic salt, Venison cutlets and Pork loin.

[we ordered a lot more food - entrees and drinks but unfortunately i wasn't able to photograph those]

Open seven days a week, for lunch and dinner 11am - late.

Matilda Bay is located right on the water front of the beautiful Swan River and adjacent from the Perth City. Stunning views and fine dining food that tastes superb. My family all thoroughly enjoyed their meals, the only slightly disappointing thing I would note is the service. The team were at times very accommodating but also quite confused and 'flustered'. Overall had a lovely dinner.

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I hope everyone enjoyed my review and I look forward to posting more regularly and starting new exciting things in the future!

lots of love 


photography courtesy of myself (special thanks to Nyan for borrowing me his amazing camera - FUJIX100)

..... hello ( ´∀`)☆

hi everybody 

so..... its been a while.

I have been very overwhelmed with parts of my life that at this point in time need to be taken care of. I haven't felt like myself for a long time and I have really being trying to take care of me.

anyways! Update on my life?

there's thirteen days til my semester two exams start


there's eighty-seven days til I head off to NYC // VEGAS *_*

what about you? leave me comments below telling me what you've been up to! 

lots of love, Louie xxxxxxx

p.s. I have an upcoming secret 'project' I will be launching soon so watch this space ;-) 

(along the lines of beauty, healthy cooking and daily vlogs!!)