June 14, 2014

eBay collections

Feeling creative? Take online window shopping to a whole new level. 
Create, curate and design boards of items with the things you love.
Whether your inspiration is drawn by the latest fashion trends, current favourite beauty products or maybe you have a favourite colour? 

start creating your own collection. 

This is eBay collections.  

For more information on eBay collections just simply head on over to eBay and checkout the collections tab. Featuring hundreds of already made collections curated by fellow eBay users,  power bloggers and the professional eBay curation team themselves. 

[for a how-to guide on how to create an eBay collection click the link - here ]

eBay Collections

eBay Collections by alexnatalie112

My eBay collections have been curated using themes I have been inspired by recently.

what's your inspiration? let me know in the comments below!

love louie!


May 14, 2014

The Varsity Bar


I'm back yet again with another food review post, I finally started to get my act together and I promise from here on out I will be releasing a new food review each week. However if you would like more frequent and daily updates - click my instagram and twitter links on the side bar and follow me there! 

Let's get into this now, shall we? 

American food is something I find to be rare here in Perth. Of course we still have KFC, endless burger joints and lots of Maccas for everybody.. but real southern style chicken and waffles, hearty double cheeseburger goodness and cheese fries? not so much. 

The Varsity Bar is all. about. just. that.


Double Cheese Deluxe, Tri Fecta, New York Strip & Chicken N Waffles

shared: Varsity Death Wings & Chilli Cheese Fries

The Varsity is located inside eatery and shopping centre complex - Broadway Fair (5 minute walk from UWA). They are open seven days a week from 11:00am til midnight! 

I love the concept - an American College style bar near one of WAs famous universities. They've got so many choices for food - burgers, steaks, ribs.. you name it they've got it! In line with the theme they've got multiple TVs showing the latest sports, ping pong and pinball machines as well. 

We all thoroughly enjoyed the food, the New York Strip was surprisingly good and the tri fecta.. aside from already looking like two days worth of calories in one feed was well worth that saturday lunch splurge. The downside was the death wings.. they weren't quite the type of spice I was used to and I think I can safely say I am not of a fan of tabasco sauce.

Aside from that the vibe was great, service was friendly, accommodating and fast!

return? YES!

love, louie!

Varsity Bar on Urbanspoon 


 all photos have been taken on fujifilm x10 and photographed by Louie from LOUMIS!]

April 29, 2014

The Gaya Applecross


I know i've been on a long hiatus since my last post however I had a ton of stuff to do and I am now back in Perth after a relaxing ten day camping trip with my family up in Exmouth & Karijini. In the north of WA - the Ningaloo Reef and Pilbara regions!

On to the second food post for the year, just before my departure I visited The Gaya! I was very fortunate to receive an email from the lovely owner - Cho Leo. He invited me to a dinner at The Gaya! So I gathered up my closest gal pals - sisters and cousin an had a delicious korean dinner.


Starters: Kimchi aranchini Balls, fried cheese & korean rice cakes (in background), 
beef cream rolls and fried oysters.

Mains: Beef short ribs, spicy pork belly pancakes (with fried wedges, sour cream and colourful mix lettuce), Beef Ribs with sticky rice pancake and radish and the famous 36PorkBelly

Desserts: Green tea ice-cream, Gaya Ho Tuck, chocolate fudge, matcha mochi and red misu!

The Gaya is located just south of the river in Applecross, inside the Applecross arcade across from Il Ciao. They are open on Tuesday - Sunday from 5:30pm til 10:00pm and on Saturdays they also run a lunch service from 11:30am - 2:30pm (closed Mondays).

I enjoyed having dinner at The Gaya and it was quite a different experience as most Korean dining places in Perth seem to be all about the BBQ! 

I think the ambience and setting does need a bit of a revamp - brighter lights & upbeat tunes? 
aside from that I loved the food and the set menu ($45 p/h) in which each guest receives one starter, main and dessert is highly recommended. We chose the set menu and shared all the food between us and by the end of the night we were very full and satisfied!!

return? likely ~ 

love, louie!

The Gaya Applecross on Urbanspoon


 all photos have been taken on fujifilm x10 and photographed by Louie from LOUMIS!]

April 2, 2014

Public House Kitchen & Bar


On to my first review of 2014.

We decided to try a new place and after the opening night event I attended at Public House I wanted to go there for dinner! 


Starters: Avocado & Tomato Salsa w/ pink salted crisps and Empanadas (3)

Shared Mains: Green chilli wagyu ribs & fried garlic, mint and lime lamb ribs w/ coffee & honey sauce and Smoked lamb, crispy chickpeas & green onion.

Shared Dessert: Bitter chocolate, dulce de leche & crackle 

Drinks: White Wine Sangria - serves 2. 

The Public House is located on St. Georges Terrace, across from the Dome Cafe & the Duxton Hotel. They are open on Monday - Friday from 8am til late and on Saturdays from 4pm til late (closed on Sundays). 

Public House is all in all a nice venue with a creative menu however the dishes were unfortunately lacking in flavour and salt and the staff were a little incompetent from what we had experienced - overcharging us $30 - to our surprise he said we had ordered three empanadas when we had only ordered 1 serving with three on a plate. 

return? probably not.

love, louie!

Public House Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon

March 30, 2014

m o n d a y - m u s e - 0 0 2

NYC favourites


woooooo it is officially autumn in Perth and the weather is amazing! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!~

This week's MM is indeed the big apple - N Y C ! 

I recently vacationed there in February of 2014 and it was my second time to the Big Apple! Only this time I am 11 years older and I was travelling without my big dramatic family (you know how family vacations are... haha). I had an amazing trip and I absolutely love Manhattan as a whole and travelling through all the neighbourhoods (my favourite is the Upper West Side). Its my monday muse because the city is so alive all - the - time and it does inspire me. As cliche as that does sound I would love to live there one day or just even travel back there for a month or two! 


I absolutely love these Von Trapp pair of Karen Walker sunglasses! I don't own an original pair, only a cheap knock - off but nonetheless I love them so much! 

I personally don't have a camera I can call my own yet, and I currently use a sony to vlog and this fujifilm x10 to take my photos with! However when I was in NYC I was lucky enough to borrow my friend's fujifilm x100 - amazing camera and definitely worth the investment, however if your also into videos I would suggest the newer version - x100S!

On to my holy grail drink, introducing the Starbucks green tea frappucino (no cream). Whenever I'm in a different city that has Starbucks, I ALWAYS order the green tea frappucino. Its my favourite drink and its all I was ordering in the states! I did sometimes order the latte version just because it was about 0 degrees every day I was there! 

Walking in NYC (especially during melt downs and lots of slush) you need a sturdy pair of shoes! I didn't wear these on my latest nyc adventures however if I could I would definitely have took the streets of NYC in this pair of ASOS RADAR Chelsea boots ! They are just as comfy (if not more) than my amazing dr martens. They have a really nice heel and thick platform and they are so comfortable to walk-in. 

last but most definitely not least - SHAKE SHACK! OMG. I was so excited to visit because I had always seen pictures on tumblr and online in general. We had our very first meal there, and I ordered a original shack burger and a side of fries! I absolutely love it, its fast food but oh so worth the indulge! I upgraded a few days later when we went again to the smoke shack and cheese fries - HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMBO! 

so guys there you have it, this week's monday muse :-) 

I hope you have a great week and let me know what your favourite NYC neighbourhood is? Any monday muses and whats your next holiday destination?  leave all comments below! x

love, louie. 

p.s. update on my food posts: unfortunately I was unable to recover any data from my hard drive however I found some photos on an previous iphoto library that I was able to restore, so without further a do my food post will come out this week on Wednesday! 

March 24, 2014

m o n d a y - m u s e - 0 0 1

Hi guys. 

Starting every monday i'll be posting a new set compiled of some of my favourite things,
 and of course a Monday Muse. 

This week's MM is Fei Fei Sun 

Fei Fei Sun is one of my favourite Chinese models and I love her look, especially in this shoot. The hair cut in particular is definitely something I want to try one day!


I absolutely love the Naked 2 palette its so versatile and the shades are both metallic and matte perfect for any look - day // night. 

I also included my favourite lip balm right now - Minted Rose from the Rosebud Perfume co. its such a hydrating, moisterising lip balm and also smells amazing. 

Some other usual favourites have also been included - of course my specs from Jil Sander, black nail polish from Butter London & a small leather body bag from ASOS.

what's your essentials and any monday muses? leave your comments below 

love, louie.

[ photography:  'down in it' featuring Fei Fei Sun | fat magazine spring/ summer 2014 by hugh lippe

for more views of the shoot visit : thefashionography.com

March 19, 2014

Upcoming F O O D P O S T S on LOUMIS!

Hello everybody!! 

Upcoming food posts are going to begin starting this Friday.. here's snippets of whats to come here on LOUMIS!

[ public house kitchen & bar ]
[ cont. public house kitchen & bar ]
[ the bonsai japanese restaurant ]
[ cont. the bonsai japanese restaurant ]
[ f r i n g e w o r l d // n e 0 n l i g h t s ]
[ pleased to meet you ]
[ la veen coffee ]
[ varnish on king ]

I want to say thank you to everyone who views my blog, it really means a lot to me and I look forward to the rest of 2014 and for what's to come on Loumis.
I hope you enjoyed these food photos and see you all on friday!

Love, Louie


[all photos have been taken on fujifilm x100 / x10 / iphone 5S, photographed by Louie from LOUMIS!]

January 11, 2014



As the title of this post suggests, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!
I sincerely hope you have had a great time over the festive season and a lovely ending to 2013, also good luck for the future and the year 2014! 

I have been working hard on getting my New Years Resolutions underway and so far they are going as well as I could've hoped for. Here's a small list below: 

  1. Be more organised and focused
  2. Blog more REGULARLY! 
  3. Think positively
  5. Lose weight x healthy eating x regular exercise
So there you have it.. thats the list for now even though I know there's plenty more things I can jot down those are my top 4 important priorities. I'd love to know what you resolutions are too, so please comment them down below! 

p.s. my vlogs will come soon, just so I can get everything sorted I may be working on just a month vlog for jan (I promise nothing too long and lengthy!). 

Thanks so much for reading and just a quick shoutout to all the Perthians reading, stay cool tomorrow's gonna be a scorcher! 

love, LOUIE xxxxxx