March 30, 2014

m o n d a y - m u s e - 0 0 2

NYC favourites


woooooo it is officially autumn in Perth and the weather is amazing! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!~

This week's MM is indeed the big apple - N Y C ! 

I recently vacationed there in February of 2014 and it was my second time to the Big Apple! Only this time I am 11 years older and I was travelling without my big dramatic family (you know how family vacations are... haha). I had an amazing trip and I absolutely love Manhattan as a whole and travelling through all the neighbourhoods (my favourite is the Upper West Side). Its my monday muse because the city is so alive all - the - time and it does inspire me. As cliche as that does sound I would love to live there one day or just even travel back there for a month or two! 


I absolutely love these Von Trapp pair of Karen Walker sunglasses! I don't own an original pair, only a cheap knock - off but nonetheless I love them so much! 

I personally don't have a camera I can call my own yet, and I currently use a sony to vlog and this fujifilm x10 to take my photos with! However when I was in NYC I was lucky enough to borrow my friend's fujifilm x100 - amazing camera and definitely worth the investment, however if your also into videos I would suggest the newer version - x100S!

On to my holy grail drink, introducing the Starbucks green tea frappucino (no cream). Whenever I'm in a different city that has Starbucks, I ALWAYS order the green tea frappucino. Its my favourite drink and its all I was ordering in the states! I did sometimes order the latte version just because it was about 0 degrees every day I was there! 

Walking in NYC (especially during melt downs and lots of slush) you need a sturdy pair of shoes! I didn't wear these on my latest nyc adventures however if I could I would definitely have took the streets of NYC in this pair of ASOS RADAR Chelsea boots ! They are just as comfy (if not more) than my amazing dr martens. They have a really nice heel and thick platform and they are so comfortable to walk-in. 

last but most definitely not least - SHAKE SHACK! OMG. I was so excited to visit because I had always seen pictures on tumblr and online in general. We had our very first meal there, and I ordered a original shack burger and a side of fries! I absolutely love it, its fast food but oh so worth the indulge! I upgraded a few days later when we went again to the smoke shack and cheese fries - HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMBO! 

so guys there you have it, this week's monday muse :-) 

I hope you have a great week and let me know what your favourite NYC neighbourhood is? Any monday muses and whats your next holiday destination?  leave all comments below! x

love, louie. 

p.s. update on my food posts: unfortunately I was unable to recover any data from my hard drive however I found some photos on an previous iphoto library that I was able to restore, so without further a do my food post will come out this week on Wednesday! 

March 24, 2014

m o n d a y - m u s e - 0 0 1

Hi guys. 

Starting every monday i'll be posting a new set compiled of some of my favourite things,
 and of course a Monday Muse. 

This week's MM is Fei Fei Sun 

Fei Fei Sun is one of my favourite Chinese models and I love her look, especially in this shoot. The hair cut in particular is definitely something I want to try one day!


I absolutely love the Naked 2 palette its so versatile and the shades are both metallic and matte perfect for any look - day // night. 

I also included my favourite lip balm right now - Minted Rose from the Rosebud Perfume co. its such a hydrating, moisterising lip balm and also smells amazing. 

Some other usual favourites have also been included - of course my specs from Jil Sander, black nail polish from Butter London & a small leather body bag from ASOS.

what's your essentials and any monday muses? leave your comments below 

love, louie.

[ photography:  'down in it' featuring Fei Fei Sun | fat magazine spring/ summer 2014 by hugh lippe

for more views of the shoot visit :

March 19, 2014

Upcoming F O O D P O S T S on LOUMIS!

Hello everybody!! 

Upcoming food posts are going to begin starting this Friday.. here's snippets of whats to come here on LOUMIS!

[ public house kitchen & bar ]
[ cont. public house kitchen & bar ]
[ the bonsai japanese restaurant ]
[ cont. the bonsai japanese restaurant ]
[ f r i n g e w o r l d // n e 0 n l i g h t s ]
[ pleased to meet you ]
[ la veen coffee ]
[ varnish on king ]

I want to say thank you to everyone who views my blog, it really means a lot to me and I look forward to the rest of 2014 and for what's to come on Loumis.
I hope you enjoyed these food photos and see you all on friday!

Love, Louie


[all photos have been taken on fujifilm x100 / x10 / iphone 5S, photographed by Louie from LOUMIS!]